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The only platform to support startups from day one - find co-founders, join the community, get support and generate first revenue. We will match you with the community members and find the way to give a boost to your startup, earn money and get angel investment

Startup ecosystem

Startup platform was created for you

Startup company

Startup companies of different kinds, including tech startups, are the driver of innovations to business.

Startup platform will support startups on different stages of growth, by providing the growth tools, VC, incubator and accelerator contacts, and community support.

VC: Invest in startups

Startups need more options to have for their flexible and succesful investment strategy - scout startups incognito

Venture capitalists, angel investors, private equity funds are welcome to match with interesting innovative businesses and grow assets with startups

Accelerator and incubator

Startup ecosystem would not be complete without startup accelerators and startup incubators.

Startup platform is inviting for partnership to hack a startup growth together and achieve more goals by consulting and supporting startups and innovations

Startup services

Starups need services as any other business. Services can be offered by other startups or businesses

Business processes, expertise outsourcing, services that will turn startups into business themselves - are welcome to join the platform. Business presentations are your pitches