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AddAlign – The Future of Work+Align is a SaaS offering businesses of all sizes, industry, and location a white-label solution for teleconferencing, scheduling, and billing.Explore
No Moon ShotTool combining blood, DNA & microbiome tests,creating connection between consumed food,wellbeing & hyper personalisation across the whole food chain.Explore
По сутиОбразовательная платформа для предпринимателей. Учим строить бизнес без факаповExplore
GenYa social network for new generation entrepreneurs to solve any business issues, find useful acquaintances, and create a personal brand.Explore
Gattai AutofillWe help brokers optimize leads and conversions for their customersExplore
EnderTuringEnderTuring creates conversational technologies for Brands to communicate and build mutually valuable relationships with Clients.Explore
StartupersPlatform for the startup ecosystem. We boost startups by creating a better collaboration with business and community. Networking and scouting will build your contact network and team. Effortless pitching from mobile will improve your reach. Revenue and investment finds the active founders. Our platform is the specialized social media for startup ecosystem. Talk to chatbot to help us helping youExplore
FundedByMeFundedByMe is Europe’s fastest-growing crowd investment platform connecting investors and entrepreneurs through reward-based and equity crowdfunding.Explore
SharewellSharewell is a customer experience testing tool that helps get feedback from real target audience. We bring testing tools with real test-users.Explore
DKLexRegister company for StartUp in Estonia and USA. Consulting and accounting support in USA and EU countries.Explore
VainuVainu finds leads. It analyzes and indexes open data to predict the prospects that convert.Explore
SoundtrapWith Soundtrap you can make music online. Plug in your own instrument, use the software instruments available in Soundtrap or just record a song directly with your computer microphone.Explore
NostoNosto analyzes your customers’ behavior, learning their likes and dislikes and enables you to automatically personalize your product recommendations, triggered emails, pop-ups and facebook ads in real-time, for each individual shopper. The result? Happier customers that buy more.Explore
SpartaSparta helps you create and manage sales competitions in one beautiful solution built with sales people in mind. In other words, your reps will love using Sparta!Explore
FishBrainFishBrain is a mobile app and social network for the world’s biggest hobby – sport fishing. We help anglers worldwide catch more and bigger fish and brag about it.Explore
EdQuEdQu develops digital tools that help students, teachers and school leaders to better understand and improve student results.Explore
MusqotMusqot is a B2B SaaS solution for Marketing Performance Management (MPM). Our product helps customers increase the efficiency of their internal marketing operations, and raise the effectiveness of their campaigns and activities. Large and midsize companies use Musqot across northern Europe and in US & Canada.Explore
MedpeopleMedpeople is a cloud-based solution for healthcare staffing. Certified doctors and nurses use our app to apply for openings and can start working as consultants without starting a company. Medpeople cuts out the “middleman” by automating the manual labor done by traditional staffing agencies today. Work history, salary, scheduling and communication are all handled in-app providing a simple overall solution for both healthcare providers and consultants.Explore
KryKRY enables you to see a doctor or psychologist from your computer, tablet or phone within 15 minutes – wherever you are.Explore
DegooDegoo offers up to 100 GB free online backup in return for sharing some of your unused hard drive space.Explore

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