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Startup and business collaboration
Boost and grow while many startups fail - reason of failure could be a lack of expertise, networking, money. Business is seeking opportunity and innovation
Business to startup collaboration, partnership and investment is what will help you. Let us and community find out how you could level up and a mutual synergy will make it happen
Networking and scouting
Find business partnership, technology innovations, co-founders, key people and investment like you do in real-life networking, with less hassle and time spent
Networking without events or contacting random people, message what you need and get a reply with an opportunity. The community would be able to help you with ease
Tech founder wanted
Let’s meet up Sthlm!
VR expertise needed
Angel scout contacts?
Effortless pitching
Eco-pitching with no paper, only video as the most efficient way and traditional, but high quality, PDF - from your mobile or desktop. Your pitches work even when you are offline
Everyone who saw your pitch can watch it again and share with others, not taking care of files, resolutions and quality. You will see the analytics and result
Revenue and investment
Startups and business are using a platform as a channel to get new clients and attract funds, by having an active profile and high visibility - you will improve your chances
Add co-founders and key people to be more transparent and share more information about your business - it will make it easier to become more interesting
Shared a pitch link
Take my money!
Specialized social media
Create your business page, invite followers using QR code or link and fill their timeline with interesting and relevant information: share scouting, pitches, shoutouts
We are a professional social media, our aim is to provide you with information that you have chosen - no ads, no stalking, no likes, no social media syndrome. We respect your tim
Chatbot match-making
Our chatbot keeps everything you have told in secret and creates a great input for our experts - we use complicated analytical algorithms, soon to become AI
Your replies and data are never shared with any 3rd party, we evaluate data and find the most beneficial match of business and startups. Click a button below to meet our chatbot

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